Loan frames, choose the right loan form!

Whether you choose hardwood frames or maintenance- free plastic frames, the fact is that it is a costly investment. Are your frames in need of replacement, but have you not saved enough money yet? Then borrowing money for window frames is a good option. The most obvious form of borrowing is the personal loan or the revolving credit. If you choose one of these options, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to!

Loan frames, choose the right loan form!

The personal loan and the revolving credit are therefore the most obvious forms of borrowing to finance your frames. But when do you choose which form and why?

  • Personal loan : You choose a personal loan if you already know in advance how much the new frames will cost. You then borrow that amount and pay it back in fixed installments. The personal loan has a fixed interest rate that you can still deduct in the case of a loan for frames.
  • Revolving credit : Do you not yet know what it will cost to replace all the frames? Then you better opt for a revolving credit. You then agree a maximum amount with the lender within which you can withdraw and repay unlimited. With the revolving credit you only pay a variable interest on the loan actually taken out.

Pay attention! With a revolving credit, the temptation is great to withdraw extra money for other purposes. As a result, you often borrow more than you actually intended and you will be attached to the loan for longer!

Financing window frames, what else to pay attention to?

If you know which loan type you choose, then it is still important to compare the different providers. Then pay special attention to the interest, the conditions and the term of the loan:

  • Interest : Choose a loan with the lowest possible loan interest. The difference in interest between the most expensive and the cheapest loan is up to 4 percent. So it really pays to compare well!
  • Conditions : But don’t just look at the interest. The conditions that loan providers apply can also ensure that a loan is unexpectedly expensive. Read, for example, whether you can repay extra free of charge in the meantime or whether you will receive a penalty interest. Another condition that is important to check is whether the loan will be canceled in the event of death.
  • Duration : The third important point to consider when choosing the right loan is the duration. A short duration has lower monthly charges. This seems interesting, but ultimately makes the loan more expensive. Always opt for the shortest possible duration at portable monthly charges. That saves you a lot of money.

Financing window frames, how much should I borrow?

How much it costs to replace your frames depends on several factors. It is therefore not possible to provide an exact, customized price. We would like to give an indication of the total costs per square meter, including VAT, assembly and HR ++ glass:

Kind of frame Avg incl. price per square meter
Plastic frames 750 euros
Wooden window frames 825 euros
Aluminium frames 875 euros

Financing window frames alternatives

If you prefer not to take out a loan, there are also a few other ways to finance new frames. However, we do not recommend this because you often have to deal with restrictive conditions, high interest costs or hidden costs.

Payment plan – Many companies offer a payment plan when you buy frames. In this way you pay the total costs divided over a period. This often seems like a nice solution if you do not want or cannot pay the total amount in one go. Be careful with this! These schemes often have a relatively high interest rate and unfavorable duration. Because of this you almost always lose much more money than with a cheap loan.

Increase mortgage – Another possibility to finance your new window frames is to increase your mortgage. However, this is only possible if you have a surplus value on your house. In addition, there are costs associated with increasing your mortgage.

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